| Crime scene cleanup |

The crime scene clean-up is determined, focused and discreet, but also requires sensitivity and empathy. Contrary to widespread expectations, crime scene cleaning does not only concern murder and manslaughter. Shocking accidents or tragic natural deaths are far more common.

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Messi apartments or animal hoarding can also require a comparable and professional overall preparation of an object.

  • Special cleaning

  • Professional disinfection

  • Odor neutralization

  • Final cleaning

  • Disposal

  • Cost transparency

  • Discretion

Tatortreinigung-Südwest, now part of the fauss group, specializes in the professional removal of blood, body fluids, excrement and tissue residue.

Emerging insect infestations may also require additional pest control. It is carried out by biological, chemical or ecological means and also by mechanical action. The team is prepared for anything.

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At the scene of the crime or event, a decontamination and disinfection of all objects and the environment takes place.

Depending on the findings and a corresponding analysis, enzyme cleaners, ozone devices, spray cans, odor neutralizers or spray extraction devices are used.

Extremely contaminated objects or materials are disposed of in the ZAK incinerator. After completion of all work and a carefully carried out final check, a disinfection certificate is issued.

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